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In our ever expanding hunger for authoritative digital information, writing professional content matters. 

If you or your company needs to be taken seriously, it matters

If you want greater customer engagement, it matters

I am a seasoned native English speaking content writer who has successfully published 3000+ articles covering a very diverse range of fact-based subjects. Whether you have a story that you want to share with the world or a product review to engage your audience, how you communicate such information is vital. Enter Max Chohan. I’m a freelance writer that has over fifteen years of professional writing experience.

Professional, Creative, Original Content Writing Service

I offer a complete remote content writing services that also involves copyediting and proofreading novels, manuscripts, comics and other publications.

Assisting You With Your Publishing & Online Digital Goals

If you require a content writer for your digital online media, I have vast experience in helping online publishers with their diverse content.

What I Write For You Is 100% Compliant And Original

With a high number of individual written pieces to my name, everything I produce is of high standard, fact-checked, grammar checked and 100% original.

Over 15 Years Of Experience With 3000+ Articles & Content

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Combining Audio & Visual Messages For Greater Impact & Engagement!

I’m able to design & create your brief with world class videos, infographics & animations that integrates your message in your content.

Established & Trusted Online Content Writer, Proofreader & Editor

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Once you’ve decided on hiring a freelance content writer or copywriter, I’d be super happy if you hired me to work for you. As such, I will try and make the whole process of engaging my services as simple as possible. This is how it’ll work.



You can reach me by using my email or simply completing the contact form in the contact page. Describe clearly a summary of your project and I can give you an approximate cost of the charges. If it’s within your budget, we can proceed with a more detailed brief which involves details about your business, the project, a rough idea of the word count you are looking for and the time frame for delivery. There will be many questions but be assured it’s all for the benefit of delivering something amazing to your clients.



Once we’ve communicated and I’ve understood your needs, I’ll email you a quote clearly outlining the charges and deliverables including completion time. The cost will include any research time that I’ll complete. The quote will be project based rather than absolute word count and charged will not change unless there are changes and even then, they will be mutually agreed. The quote will include the research, the completion of the first draft for your review, three subsequent revision processes and a final proof.



If the quote is within your budget, you can sign off an Approval Form and we can commence your project. Along with the form, I’ll email you what’s been agreed, the brief, the deliverables and the agreed deadline. By agreeing to work with me, you agree my T’s&C’s which are are on my website. My terms are 50% to be paid upon confirmation and the balance to be paid in the last week prior to project delivery.



The ball will be in my court and I’ll start the project. Depending on any questions I may have initially and how much time it will take on research and editing, I’ll reach a point where I’ll be able to send you the first draft. It’ll be in WORD format for you to review give your feedback. I’m happy to take onboard any constructive reviews. Remember – this will be your baby and as such, I want you to be 100% happy in the work I do for you. Once I’ve reviewed your feedback that may involve further revisions, I’ll get a very neat & tidy final draft ready for you to sign off.
Whether it’s original copywriting content or simply English proofreading, I’ve got you covered!

Professional English Content Writer

Writing good copy for marketing & advertising purposes is no easy task by any measure. To do it successfully, one needs to approach each project with a plan, with purpose and with discipline. Add a smidgen of creativity and boom!, the whole concept of copywriting comes together that then requires re-writing as part of a review process by myself. I love to craft words and sentences in such a way, that it makes the reader think and perhaps influence them. To complement all of my writing skills, I hold a UK degree, I’m a member of MENSA although non-practicing and I have shed loads of experience in writing on a very broad range of subjects that can convey ideas across a diverse target audience.