The Negatives of Social Networking

Negatively Impacting Relationships

So many of my friends and colleagues have been found guilty of being totally immersed on social networks. I myself have been caught out more than a few times of being so absorbed on my laptop that I forgot my better half. It’s so easy to access social networks and as a result, we lose track of how long we spend on it and how much it negatively affects our wives, girlfriends and colleagues.

Social media has been blamed for the failure of many relationships and for a wide variety of reasons. For a lot of people, social media provides a means to online dating and as such, many men and women have been caught out for having an online status that very clearly states being single yet a real life status of being engaged, married or in a relationship. In addition, a world that continually gives you so many winks, likes and pokes along with direct messages, people find themselves the centre of attention that otherwise would not exist. All of a sudden you have so many people sending you heaps of affection and private messages, you find that this attention is actually more than what your partner is giving you. When this happens, it’s a warning sign to get a reality check.

In conclusion, the above discussion highlights some of the many negative points about how people interact on social networks and what the various platforms are being used for. It is fair to say that there are many positives that come from the introduction of social media but working towards achieving the positives over the negatives may well be about control and regulation by the powers that be. With such a huge global phenomenon that has grown at a rapid rate, it remains to be seen how effective such policing will occur.

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